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Myrrh  100% organic

Myrrh 100% organic

Myrrh size 1 oz +3 charcoal disc.

Melchor offered the myrrh because Jesus was a man and as such would die young, this resin being necessary so that his mother (Maria) could anoint the lifeless body when the moment of death arrived. That is, its use was the "last care" for the dead before burial.

The purpose of myrrh is for occasions of purification, healing and energetic cleaning of environments and people. The smoke of myrrh offers clarity when there is confusion and strengthens the spirit when there are negative feelings.

Myrrh is an extracted and dried resin that comes from shrubs or small trees of the Commiphora species, a tree that grows in India.

Myrrh incense, properties: Myrrh incense is a powerful protector, it protects us from any type of damage or evil that we may receive. It is widely used in meditation, favoring its depth and spiritual use. It is a great cleaner, both for people and rooms, whether at home or at work.

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