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Cleansing  kit  palo santo

Cleansing kit palo santo

Smudge kit for cleansing for blessing and positive energy ideal.

Sahumar is a spiritual process in which you bring your desires and intentions to the present moment while preparing your elements: *Abalone Shell / Water *Candle / Fire *Incense / Earth * Palo santo / love Being clear about the intention of your ritual will make it much easier to decide which is the perfect incense for the occasion. Once you have it, open doors and windows, this way you will allow all the negative energy to go away and give way to positive energy in its place.

Through its calming energy,it provides a layer of protection that gives the spirit the confidence to see situations from a new and more understanding perspective .

If the abalone is thought of as representative of water, as many cultures do,it is water that commands the flames of emotional conflict.

Abalone mantras

The properties of abalone connect the being whit their highest chakras .

The abalone chakras are mainly the crown, third eye and heart chakras.

The mother-of-pearl that lines the abalone shell,along whit the shell itself ,is said to activate intuitive qualities such as clarity about situations, sensitivity,and imagination.Holding the abalone during cleansing rituals produces a feeling of purity.Abalone is believed to have divine energy,and its use with sage in the act of space cleansing invokes the spirit of the ocean and uses your higher chakras as a conduit to the divine realm

Products details include 1 wooden stand lifts the shell to a whole new level, protecting your surfaces from heat.

2 Sticks 2 3-4”

2 Sages 2 3-4"

1 Abalone shell 1. 5-6”

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