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Anand Ganesh  special Fluxo incense

Anand Ganesh special Fluxo incense

Incense made with the finest resins, powders and scented oils

Made in bombay,india by the Anand Agarbathi

Package of about Sticks 10 Pack of 25 grams per pack .

Ganesh it opens the way to success and prosperity at the beginning of new projects ,it has a characteristic and unique aroma .Helps maintain calm and harmony at home or anywhere where it is used .

Fresh citric with a sweet - warm background of vanilla,sandalwood and white musk that give it great presence and magnetism.

FEMALE:Sara’s anti the goddess of knowledge

Lakshmi the one of prosperity and Durga The one of overcoming.

This is the family tree from which Ganesha comes,because he is the son Parvati the goddess of procreation and love. According to one of the myths that tell of his transformation one day her mother Parvati asked her son to act as a guard at the door to prevent someone from entering while she was taking a bath.When Shiva arrived to visit his wife Genesha who did not recognize him did not let him in and in a fit of fury, Shiva yes his father cut off his head.

Upon discovering the tragedy Paravati was so distraught tha Shiva promised to replaced her sons head with tha of the first living thing to pass the door And just passed an elephant.

More attributes of Ganesha

Each part of the body of this good has a teaching:

.Big ears to listen to our interior

.Small mouth to speak little.

.Small eyes to look less at the outside world.

.Open palms as a symbol of protection.

.Om symbol,the universal sacred mantra.

.Red flowers as a symbol of spiritual fire

.Horn to remove obstacles

Sometimes you can also see it with a lotus flower,which symbolizes the spiritual wisdom that blooms when we are in contact with Good or climbed on a rat, which represents the ego submitted to the divine will.

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